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Used Casita Travel Trailer



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Used Casita Travel Trailers

Since 1983 Casita trailers have taken American families on vacations from the seas to the mountains. Look no further if you want a trailer that is strong, aerodynamic, and family friendly. A Casita trailer will provide you with years of trouble-free pleasure. Casita is family owned and operated, and it shows in the quality and craftsmanship. When you take you trailer out on the road you are entering the Casita family. With a company focused on customer satisfaction, Casita will always be with you on the road. If you do ever need to replace a part on your trailer they are easy to order straight from the manufacturer.

Available in 13', 16', and 17' sizes, there is a Casita for everyone. Constructed out of lightweight fiberglass that ensures ridged construction and durability. Fiberglass is also very easy to clean; it is simple to maintain a beautiful trailer that your camping neighbors will envy. The steel frame ensures rigidity and protection from less than smooth roads. This lightweight construction also means that your Casita can be pulled by practically any vehicle. From a weekend trip to a cross-country journey, the accommodations your Casita trailer will provide make any trip fun.

Their compact size will allow you to fit your Casita trailer in any of your favorite campsites. Once you get to the campsite you will be setup within minutes. Your Casita is simple to use and easy to setup. With different floor plans available in each length you can find a Casita for your needs. Available with a spacious bathroom and shower each Casita will make your camping trip a dream. For years families have been praising Casita for making their vacations memories of a lifetime. Once at the campsite you forget your worries because owning a Casita means simplicity.

Used Casita travel trailers hold their value very well and provide an excellent family investment if you enjoy camping. So get away from that TV and go camping with your family and spend some quality time with the ones you love in a used Casita camper from Sarasota RV.